I miss my bro. I know no one here knows me, but I miss the fellow. He got me through the most psychologically difficult periods of my life. He’s not the most emotionally attached feller, but I’d just like to voice my feelings about his tremendous amount of pragmatic reasoning. Thanks bro. Hope you are doing great in Minnesota.



Amanda Shoemaker
Seattle, WA
Nikon D7000

You are a self-confessed forest dweller. How do you think that helps you capture nature so intimately? Tell us about your experience with nature so far.

I have lived in Western Washington my whole life. Here in the more urban areas of Washington, it’s easy to forget the natural world around you. When I started doing photography, I began to notice things that many people forgot or simply didn’t take the time to appreciate. Photography definitely brought me closer to nature and I’m glad that it did. I feel at peace in the forest so I find myself going there often. I love to explore and I love to go on road trips to see all of the different landscapes Washington has to offer. There is a certain energy that the dark forests of Washington emit and I want to capture that. I want others to experience what I experience from being there. This connection that I have and the feelings that are created while being alone there are definitely a direct inspiration towards the intimate images I create.

Tumblr: @autumns-aurora
Flickr: @bloodbirds
Instagram: @birchwhite